Thursday, January 23, 2014

Completing 2013 Topps Baseball - Another Update

2013 Topps Baseball

Here's another update on my project.
I bought some hobby packs of Series 2 baseball.

I got 58 base cards and some cool parallels
I wont scan the base cards but show you some inserts ...

Jesus Montero - Gold Parallel 33/2013
Jason Kipnis - Making their mark insert

Steve Lombardozzi (Base Card)
i really thought it was a SP. But it isn't ... 

Coco Crisps - Emerald Foil Parallel (not#)

Mark Trumbo - Chasing History insert

Matt Holliday - Chasing History insert

.... that was it. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

eBay lot - Football and Baseball

eBay Lot

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^^

My offseason is over, with just 8 days remaining for 
2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball i have to start the 
2014 Baseball Card collecting season ... 

I'm really excited for the new Topps product ... 
I didn't see a lot details yet but the previews i saw are
very nice ... i like the design and the nice 
World Series Auto cards they included!


But back to topic ... 
Over a month ago i bought a little Jersey lot from eBay 
cause it was just 4.60$ ... 

Football Jersey Cards:

A Paul Williams Jersey Rookie Card (Bowman Sterling) of the 2007 season with the
Tennessee Titans and a Tony Hunt Jersey Card #to1499 (2007 Donruss Playoff).
Both havn't had a decorated NFL carreer ... Williams is a Free Agent after 3 low seasons
in the NFL (07-09 TEN, 10 HOU) and Tony Hunt played just 2 seasons
for the Eagles and left the NFL to play for an Austrian football team in 2011.
If you need one of theese cards, or both ... to complete your set or sthing just tell me.

2005 Donruss Playoff - Chad Pennington - Jersey NFL-7

I bought the lot just because this card was in it.
I'm a Jets fan for over a decade now and this is my first card of Chad .. 
I really don't like the design but i wanted to own a piece of a 
game worn jersey of Chad Pennington .. so it's worth the $ i paid for it.

Baseball Cards:

First of all I'll show you the 3 "Black Friday" cards he 
included ... never heard of it.
Cardboard connection says it's a multi sport set with just 50 base cards

2012 Panini Black Friday - 
David Price and Stephen Strasburg

2012 Panini Black Friday - Albert Pujols

I think they're going for 3-4 $ a piece ... More then i expected.

... now the Jersey cards
2 of the having a nice design and the third 
is one of my favourite players ... i don't know why. 

2006 Fleer - Flair Showcase - Michael Collins Jersey - World Baseball Classics
The design is nice ... the player is't so nice ^^ 

2008 UD - A piece of history - Manny Ramirez Jersey - Stadium Scenes SS9

This is one thick card for a simple jersey .. One of the best designs UD ever
released. I like this vintage , used look. Goes for 5-8 $ on eBay .. BV 10$

and the last one for today ....

2001 Upper Deck - Evolution - Russel Branyan Jersey

Pretty good for under 5 bucks ... isn't it ?? 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vintage lot of 270 cards - 1979

Vintage Lot


What's up fellas, i recently bought a Vintage baseballcard lot from the german eBay.
It said , 60s 70s and 80s cards.
First of all , there wasn't a single 60s cards in it. But i don't really care, cause for
about 16$ i got some really cool cards.

I have the complete 1979 Topps set in a binder, so every card 
of this set i'm showing you here is for trade or for sale.
Just ask for it ... 

I think 50% of the cards are from the 1979 Topps set! 

I'm going to show you the highlights ...

Joe Morgan (AS) 2.50$BV and Paul Molitor 10$BV

Dale Murphy 3.50$BV and Willie Stargell 2.50$BV

Robin Yount 5$BV

Don Sutton 2.50$BV  and   Johnny Bench (AS) 5$BV

2x Denny Martinez 2.50BV

A nice Tom Hume with perfect centering, i think 
i should send it in for grading! BGS 9 ?? 

Gaylord Perry 2.50$BV and Cecil Cooper 
 (i love the old Brewers colors)

Andre Dawson  3$BV and agaaain Bump Wills Error 3$BV
i really don't know why the ERR has a higher BV than 
the corrected version. I have this one 4 times now.
I'm looking for the corrected , if you have it please tell me.

Rollie Fingers 2.50$BV

47$ total .. not bad so far ^^ 

I have some more doubles.
Let me know what you need ...

40% of the Lot included 1980 Topps! 
Stay tuned for this ... 

Thanks for reading

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Ichiro Cards

11 New Ichiros

What's up fellas, i received some new cards
for my player collection during my vacation.

First a single card i bought for 1.50$

2010 Topps - Ichiro - limited Factory Set RS2


and a ten card lot for about 4.50$

2011 Topps Finest - Ichiro  and  2005 Cracker Jack - Ichiro

2011 Bowman - Ichiro  and  2004 UD Diamond Collection - Ichiro - Pro Sigs

2002 Leaf - Ichiro - Rookie Stars

2004 Fleer Platinum - Ichiro   and  2004 Topps Finest - Ichiro
(who the hell did that "finest" design? Maaan ugly as hell! )

2006 UD Ovation - Ichiro  and  2005 Fleer National Pasttime - Ichiro

2010 Topps Attax - Ichiro   and   2002 Fleer Ultra - Ichiro - Die Cut

2005 Turkey Red - Ichiro (Checklist)

Every card has a BV from 1.50 to 2.50!

That's all ...  a pretty good addition to my Ichiro collection.

Thanks for reading.

Next up: Vintage lot of 269 cards .. Very excited! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Group Breaks - 2013 Gypsy Queen and 2013 Prestige Football

2 Group Break Spots

2013 Gypsy Queen Baseball

2013 Panini Prestige Football 
(my first football cards ever :D )

Phillies and Jets

I bid on some more spots on the Gypsy Queen Break but only won the
Phillies. The reason for bidding on the jets spot was the shipping.
It was way too high for a single spot ... 

3,50$ for the Phillies and 4,50 for the Jets! 

Let's start with the Phillies ....

11 Cards total including 1 Rookie Card , 1 SP  and 3 inserts! 

Ryan Howard and Michael Young 
Base Cards

Darin Ruf - Rookie Card   and   Jim Bunning - Short Print

Collision at the plate Insert - Carlos Ruiz

Cards w/o scans:
#29 - Cole Hamels
#189 - Cliff Lee
#269 - Ben Revere
#293 Delmon Young

DA-RH - Roy Halladay
DA CL - Cliff Lee


The JETS spot ... 

8 Cards total - 1 RC 

Dustin Keller - Base
(hate to see him on the Dolphins roster, was my favorite player)

Santonio Holmes and Darelle Revis

Mark Sanchez - Base

Mark Sanchez - Buttfumble Variation

and ... 

Geno Smith - Rookie Card

... this is what i was looking for! Nice one! 

Cards w/o scans:
#135 - Bilal Powell
#136 - Jeremy Kerley
#193 - Shonn Greene (Titans)

That's all! 

Stay tuned for some Ichiro cards and lot
of 270 Vintage cards!