Sunday, July 29, 2012

2009 Topps T-206 - Blaster Box (8 Packs)


What's up fans ?! It has been a few days since my last posts but here is a big one and in the following day there will be more.
Including Ichiro and 2002 Upper Deck MVP baseball! 


First of all a little Story.
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But this Google crawling machine told me that i've got not realy much
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So I have to add more Text!
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Before every Post i have to describe the product ... or tell some trivia^^


So here's the product
2009 Topps T-206

As you can see there are 8 (retail) packs inside!
6 cards per pack! 48 cards per box!

I paid 9.99$ .. really cool!


Little breakdown:

" 2009 Topps 206 was released in the first week of December of 2009, and commerates the 100th anniversary of the original American Tobacco (T-206) baseball card set.
The set features 300 cards with 50 un-numbered variations. Each Hobby box promises two framed autographed and/or relic cards per box. "

I've got following in my packs:
Bronze Parallel 1:1 Retail Odds

Mini Piedmont (i think) 1:1 Retail Odds
Mini Polar Bear 1:10 Retail Odds
Mini Old Mill 1:20 Retail Odds

SP 1:4 Retail Odds
Mickey Mantle Checklist

Let's start with the design of the base cards

Jason Veritek , Front and Back

I just love the design of the cards. This should be my favorite design of all time. Even better then Allen Ginter .. Just perfect ... 

Some more base cards ...

Ken Griffey Jr    and     Rickie Weeks

Matt Kemp


Bronze Parallels:

Ricky Romero - Rookie Card Bronze Parallel

Mark Teixeira Bronze Parallel

those are not numbered but way thicker than the base cards!
(btw. i got the Romero and his base card in the same pack)


Now the Minis!

Ichiro Mini with the standard Piedmont back .. but very cool. Vintage!

Johan Santana with a Polar Bear back

Joe Nathan with the rare Old Mill back

... so there are numbered minis too. Like the Cycle back # to 99
or even the Carolina Bright 1of1 ... 


There are 7 different checklists
Every card with another Mantle on it.

I had number 5 and 6 of 7!

Mickey Mantle Checklist 5 of 7

Mickey Mantle Checklist 6 of 7


Now the short prints. The not so rare short prints.
But i think i've got 2 of the best!

Cy Young - Short Print

Tim Lincecum - Short Print Variation


If i have the chance to get another of these 
blaster boxes I'll take whatever i can get.
I love this product. Even if i haven't a hit!

Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!

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