Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 - My season starts now!

Welcome back baseball card collectors !!! 

So , i'll start my BBcard season one month late with my "must have" 

2013 Topps Series 1 

What happened in the off-time for european card collectors? 
USPS raised their rates to europe (and canada), 
that means i have to pay at least 1,50$ per pack shipping.
Most of the single pack sellers on ebay take 2 or more $ for one pack.

In case of Topps Series one , a pack cost me 4 bucks ^^ 

It's really hard to continue with the hobby with conditions like this.

Anyways ... For my first look i ordered 4 packs of the hobby edition.


2013 Topps Series One

The design is really cool i think.
You see color differences for any team, that makes them more individual then 
the 2012 edition.

Let's start with the great Buster Posey ... 

Buster Posey - Base Card 128

Buster Posey - Base Card 128 (Back)

The career chase section is a little pathetic ^^
Take a look at it , it's woth it!

Some more base cards for you to get a closer look at the design

Cliff Lee and Joe Mauer - Base Cards

David DeJesus - Base Card (no Variation)

This years variation set is called " Out of Bounds " 

My first thought of this funny card was  VARIATION !! But nope it's just the base card
Basebalcardpedia says: 

The Out of Bounds variations all revolve around a theme: players making catches while up against a wall. The back of these variations contains the numerical code that ends in 3022, while the codes for non-variation base cards end in 2820.

but anyway it's a cool card ... 

In my 4 first packs i was really lucky as a Mets fan ...
I received 1 Paralell and 1 Insert:

R.A. Dickey - Emerald Foil Paralell

.... and

R.A. Dickey - 1972 Mini (Insert)

R.A. Dickey - 1972 Mini (Insert) back

I'm really sad they traded him but the Mets management is another chapter -.-


Even there was no "hit" i'm really satisfied with it ... I like the product so i'll buy some more
maybe some retail hot packs from ebay.

Stay tuned for a Box Break!! I bought the Angels and Nationals spots ...

thanks for reading! 

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