Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box Break (3/3)

2013 Gypsy Queen 

Hobby Box Break - Part 3

The Hits !! 

Finally i'll present you the hits of my break.
Remember there are 2 Autos & 2 Relic cards per 
Hobby Box.


What could you get ...

(not talking about the extra mini box)

Autograph Cards (on card) - 2 per Hobby Box
Autograph Mini Cards

Autograph Relic Cards #25 or less
Dual Autograph Relic Cards #25 or less
Triple Autograph Relic #10 or less

Relic Cards (Black parallel #25) 1 per Box
Mini Relic Cards (Black parallel #10) 1 per Box

Original Patch Cards 1of1
Bat Barrel Cards 1of1
Jumbo Relic Cards


Let's begin ....

First pack , first hit. Suprising but a 
really cool card.

Matt Holliday - Mini Framed Relic
(Really cool card, but i don't know why they frame those.
Would be better if it's not framed)

Second Hit:

Jean Segura - Auto 
(Goes for 3$ to 15$ on eBay , don't know. Not so cool)

Next "Hit":

Yonder Alonso - Auto (Redemption)
(Goes for 5$ up to 25$ on eBay, just the redemption. Seems to be, Yonder
didn't sign them yet. My redemtion is still pending. Not shipped.)

Last HIT! :

David Freese - Hometown Currency Parallel 4/5
(Holds a genuine Missouri quarter, little spot in the upper left corner
isn't on the card)

Back of the card

This one is very nice isn't it? 2011 World Series MVP and #5
So there is a currency parallel of every card in the set.
It's not a Jackie Robinson but i think i had a good one with Freese.

But the question is, why Topps considers this as a relic?
It's a manufactured relic in my opinion.
Or did he buy some gum with this quarter ? ^^ I don't think so.

Anyways it's a cool and rare card. Didn't found Freese's on eBay yet.
The Hometown Currencys have a range from 50$ up to 250$ in case of the Jackie Robinson.
Most of them on eBay are about 100$. But no Freese ... if you have a new Beckett Baseball or a subscription please tell me his BV if the card is listed.


Let's break the break down!

I paid about 120$ for the Hobby Box.
And this is the best price you can get in europe.

Cool, base cards. Many inserts.
Very few parallels ... there are only 2 different base card parallels.
Some mini parallels. But the best one was broken ^^ 

The hits are ok. The best hit isn't even a real hit :D but i don't care cause
i love the design this year. Cool and solid product.
For the 90$ you pay in US i would buy a second.

I'll give the break a B- !!

Next box I'll buy should be
2013 Allen Ginter .. best product year after year! 

Thanks for reading


  1. I would die for that card being a cardinals fan sweeeeeeet pull!!!!

    1. Yes it's an awesome card! And a thick one :)