Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Group Breaks - 2013 Gypsy Queen and 2013 Prestige Football

2 Group Break Spots

2013 Gypsy Queen Baseball

2013 Panini Prestige Football 
(my first football cards ever :D )

Phillies and Jets

I bid on some more spots on the Gypsy Queen Break but only won the
Phillies. The reason for bidding on the jets spot was the shipping.
It was way too high for a single spot ... 

3,50$ for the Phillies and 4,50 for the Jets! 

Let's start with the Phillies ....

11 Cards total including 1 Rookie Card , 1 SP  and 3 inserts! 

Ryan Howard and Michael Young 
Base Cards

Darin Ruf - Rookie Card   and   Jim Bunning - Short Print

Collision at the plate Insert - Carlos Ruiz

Cards w/o scans:
#29 - Cole Hamels
#189 - Cliff Lee
#269 - Ben Revere
#293 Delmon Young

DA-RH - Roy Halladay
DA CL - Cliff Lee


The JETS spot ... 

8 Cards total - 1 RC 

Dustin Keller - Base
(hate to see him on the Dolphins roster, was my favorite player)

Santonio Holmes and Darelle Revis

Mark Sanchez - Base

Mark Sanchez - Buttfumble Variation

and ... 

Geno Smith - Rookie Card

... this is what i was looking for! Nice one! 

Cards w/o scans:
#135 - Bilal Powell
#136 - Jeremy Kerley
#193 - Shonn Greene (Titans)

That's all! 

Stay tuned for some Ichiro cards and lot
of 270 Vintage cards! 

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