Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Hobby Packs - 2011 Allen & Ginter's

A sad huhu from me here in germany. I opened 4 hobby packs of 2011 Allen Ginter and what I pulled was only crap. One card I cannot believe. Ok let's start.

2 Parallel cards: A Derek Lowe Black Corner SP  and a Brett Anderson Mini - Black bordered

btw. I have NO pricing for any Allen Ginter card yet. AG pricings are not included in the newest Beckett Baseball magazine. And eBay is too much work.

A funny Gecko card :)

I like these inserts. 

Hometown Heroes - Josh Hamilton

A CC Sabathia "Baseball Highlight Sketches" Card ... nice !

And the last scan for today:

The most crappy, shitty and fucked up card on the whole product ...

A 2011 Allen Ginter "Son of a bitch" 

Who the HELL is this ugly hairless guy ??? oO

The card says he is a a champion in "Bean Bag Toss" 
Haha bean bag toss omg LOOOSER! 

Thank you Topps for Matt Gay! 

Next year there will be a card with the olympic curling team ... OMG

Allen Ginter is not my product. There are sooo many insert cards ... And I pull 
only shit. No Auto or Relic ... nothing ... not even a numbered parallel.

BONUS: SP variation of the "Son of a bitch" card ... 


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