Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Retail Pack Break - Series 2, Allen & Ginter - Part 1

Good morning card collectors. My time to wait for my first Allen & Ginter packs is now over. I get some retail packs from Target yesterday (not the best chances for big hits) and I will show you my pulls in 3 parts.

First I opened 3 2011 Topps series 2 packs and in 2 of them I found gold parallels. The odds are 1:11 in retail and 1:9 in hobby but these 2 are the first I pulled ever and I justed bought hobby packs before.

Here they are ... Josh Beckett and Chris Heisey (Gold Parallels are numbered to 2011)

I also pulled 2 nice Kimball champion mini cards ... 
Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford 

At least I pulled a 1952 reprint of Yogi Berra ... but no original back!

And now my first 2 packs of Allen & Ginter ... there was nothing special in it but it's by far the best looking product this year. 

How you do something like this with a photo ?? oO
That's just awesome.

*grrr* the RED WOLF :D haha  .... it's a mini card ^^

What the hell ?? Who is this guy ?? Could be the father of Raj from "the Big Bang Theorie" :D lol

And at least my favorite : Hometown Heroes - David Wright (my favorite Mets player)

So please stay tuned for part 2 and subscribe if you want ... use your email adress !!

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