Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Bowman - Some Packs

What's up fellas ? 

I bought some Bowman Packs. Hobby Edition, what else ?
Let's look at the Packs!

Nicey! ^^ 

Baseballcardpedia Quote:

2012 Bowman Baseball was release to retail on May 4, 2012. The set features 220 cards and a 110 card Prospect insert set. Each Hobby box will yield one on-card autograph. Each pack will contain five base cards, one Gold parallel, two Prospects, two Chrome Prospects. For the first time since 2008, Bowman will not include and Team USA content.

The normal price is 2,99$ per Hobby pack!

Let's take a look

Jacoby Ellsbury and Melky Cabrera 

The base cards looking really cool. Like the whole product. Just great.

Gold Parallels - One in every Pack

David Ortiz and Jayson Werth - Gold Parallels (not numbered)
(Sorry for the bad Ortiz scan)

These are not very special cause you get one in every pack.
But 2 greats. Lucky!


Let's continue with 
Bowman Chrome

You get 2 in every pack. I had one pack with only one .. FUUUUU!! ^^ 

Greg Bird - Bowman Chrome

Ok, something ugly now.
An Insert called Bowmans Best

Hobby Odds 1:6

Mann Dominguez - Bowmans Best


Last but not least the greatest backstabber of them all.

A numbered blue parallel of Jose Reyes - Miami Marlins

Jose Reyes - Blue Parallel # to 500

Really Cool! 

These packs won't be the last. I want a really cool refractor. An orange one
And i will buy them untill I get one ^^ 

Stay tuned and thanks for reading! 

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