Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Topps Series One - Some packs left

Good evening card fans!

I had exactly 8 packs of Topps Series One left and without the Hot Pack from
the latest post I had not even one hit this year.
So the odds are on my side ... i thought. But nope. There is no hit again. -.-

Every seller guarantees me the packs are not searched. (I buy no boxes, taxes and shipping
are too expensive for me) The only thing I can do is trust the seller.

I'll show you some nice Base Cards and Inserts i pulled.



Some amazing Mets
I think they are amazing this year! Yeeep!

Mr.Knuckleball himself
R.A. Dickey
(and a huge Star Wars fan too :) )
He has a great season ... back to back one hitters this month!

For me NL's best Rookie last year.
With 100 Games an average of .292 and slugging of .482

Lucas Duda

Brian Wilson (^^) and Ryan Howard

Josh Hamilton

I'll try my first TTM auto request with his last years Ginter card soon.
He has a high success rate. Nearly 100% on 2 locations!
So wish me luck ... 

Derek Jeter                      Ryan Braun

2 of the very best in the game!

Enoughhhhh BASE CRAP! :D


I also pulled some Parallels ... Shoooocking! yes -.-
and not even One numbered ... 

Major Leagues All Time Leader in saves on a 1987 Topps Mini Card

Mariano Rivera
(I think he has 608 right now ?! )

My third Lou Gehrig - Golden Greats Card this year! hah :)
How many are out there  ?? All different storys on the back.
Very Cool! 

Kurt Suzuki - Gold Parallel 
(Every time i write his name, i write " Kurz " )

Nolan Ryan - Gold Standard

I would love to have this card autographed. 
Maybe I'll try TTM with this. But only if I have a success before.

And my personal "Hit" : 

Ichiro - Golden Moments

Really cool isn't it? 
Best in the woooorld! .. no that was CM Punk oO

Ok fellas, stay tuned for Series two of 2012 Topps, some more Ichiros
Bowman and whatever arrives my house.

Thanks for reading ... 

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