Sunday, August 5, 2012

2002 Upper Deck MVP - Retail Box

What's up collectors ? 
I ordered a "Deal" Box at dacardworld

2002 Upper Deck MVP Baseball
i think it was at 12.99$!

The reason to Order was Ichiro again.
The product has a lot of Ichiro inserts and numbered relics.

As you can see they are promoting that on the box .. 


Let's do the quick recap first!

24 Packs - 8 Cards per pack

I had a chance to get:

Ichiro A Season to Remember (Insert)

Ichiro A Season to Remember Numbered (Insert)

Souvenir Bat

Souvenir Bat/Jersey Combo

Souvenir Jersey

Gold Souvenir Bat/Jersey Combo


What i got:

190 Base Cards - 2 Inserts 
(not numbered)

.... there is a simple reason i usually don't buy Upper Deck!
This crap is! 
What sense!

(I know UD is good in Football and Hockey and Basketball, but that doesn't matter here in the baseball hobby) 

Upper Deck sucks! 

But anyways ... let me show you some scans.



Albert Pujols and David Ortiz
(who's the skinny guy ? ^^)

Mike Piazza
(oh nice smile, beautiful face Mike)


Alex Rodriguez - Checklist
(I couldn't identify him on this photo)

Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr. - Checklist

so the design sucks and the cards are scratchy cause of this
engraved bronze stuff.


Let's head to the cool cards


Ichiro - Base Card

Ichiro - Checklist

The Inserts:

Ichiro - A season to remember (Insert) 15 & 18


Nothing more in the whole box ^^ 
I cannot believe that somebody bought this box
back in 2002!

If you want to complete the base set.
Just mail me , tweet me.
I'll send you some cards.

Thanks for reading! 

Stay tuned for Ichiro Mailday!

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