Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Allen&Ginter - eBay Box Break (Mets , Brewers)

What's up guys!

I bought 2 teams in a box break of 
2012 Allen Ginter on eBay.
I had the opportunity to watch it live or later on YouTube.

Cause it was 4AM here in germany i watched it
on YouTube. ^^ 

So if you reading this post cause of A&G Mets cards, 
just stop.

There was no Mets card in the whole Box !!!! 


But the guy from the break gave me a refund for
no Mets players in the Box!

So take a look at his breaks!
I like him and i'll come back!

(But he's not able to focus on the cards, it's the wall behind everytime)

So Brewers only .. and not many!
Here is the video first!

Many Angels, Nationals, Phillys, Dodgers, Rangers!
And of course Yankees!
So if you buy a spot .. take one of these!


We had 5 Brewers cards in total ... no hit!
3 Base Cards - 1 Short Print - 1 Insert

Aramis Ramirez and Nyjer Morgan

Rickie Weeks 

Zack Greinke - SP
1:2 Hobby Packs

and ...  a really nice Ryan Braun - Highlight Sketch card!

As a bonus he gave me following!

2010 Bowman Platinum - Ryan Braun

.... so Braun is one of my favorite players! I like this one ...

Thanks for reading 
and stay tuned for
a 2 Card Mailday!

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