Sunday, July 21, 2013

2000 Skybox Baseball - 180 Card Base and Insert lot

2000 Skybox Baseball

What's up cardboard community ... i just bid on a little lot
of the 2000 (Fleer) Skybox baseball cards and
got it for about 5$ including the shipping. It was eBay germany.

I thought the design is ok for an early 2000 product.

I was looking for 

#1 Cal Ripken
#17 Greg Maddux
#49 Barry Bonds
#99 Griffey Jr.
#107 A-Rod
#128 Roger Clemens
#143 Mike Piazza
#163 Mark McGwire
#180 Derek Jeter

... and some other not listed base and inserts.

So the set has 300 Cards (card 200-250 are prospects)

 aaaand i just noticed card 250 - 300 are Short Prints ^^ 
so i have to check every card again now ...

so i tried it and i don't get this product :D
the product description says some parallels are numbered .. i didn't see a
single numbered card. And i can't identify the SPs oO
so please help me. 

I'll post some of the best cards and the "numbered" or not 
numbered parallels .. 


Best of the Lot 


Mike Piazza (Front & Back) 
The design is solid 1 action photo on the front and 1 portrait like on the back , including stats over the last 5 years.

Yankees Section
Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

Bartolo Colon 
... wait is that Colon ? ^^  It is! 

Mark McGwire and Josh Beckett prospect 
i've got the McGwire twice if you want one. So the Beckett is a normal prospect card ...

Best base card on the set , BV of 3$

Cal Ripken Jr.


let's continue with the Parallels and Inserts

Chad Harville - Prospect (blue)
so this should be a parallel ... i don't know. Blue parallels are
not listed.

Scott Williamson and Chad Hermansen
both Star Rubies Parallels (not numbered)

A-Rod - Preeminence Insert

Premium Pairs Insert .... B.J. Ryan and Corey Lee

Chipper Jones - E-Ticket Insert 
... should be scratchable on the right side. But isn't ..nice!!

Sean Casey - The Technique Insert

and finally 

Manny Ramirez - Skylines Insert 

That's all folks! 

Thanks for reading ....

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