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2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball - 2 HOT Packs


So i don't like people who are sitting on the floor
at WalMart and searching retail boxes.
BUT if i don't buy them on eBay ... some other guy does.

So here are 2 packs i bought 2 weeks ago ... 

Normal Pack 5,99$
Value Pack 7,99$

Should be good! 

And series 2 is loaded with cool relics and autos ....

just check it out:

Took this from: 

Chasing History Relic Cards
Odds: - 1:15 HTA Jumbo Packs - Gold Parallel #/99 1:192 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHR-AB Adrian Beltre
CHR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera
CHR-AG Alex Gordon
CHR-AGO Adrian Gonzalez
CHR-AP Andy Pettitte
CHR-AR Alex Rodriguez
CHR-AS Alfonso Soriano
CHR-BB Billy Butler
CHR-BM Brian McCann
CHR-BP Brandon Phillips
CHR-BPO Buster Posey
CHR-CB Chad Billingsley
CHR-CC Carl Crawford
CHR-CF Carlton Fisk
CHR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
CHR-CL Cliff Lee
CHR-CR Colby Rasmus
CHR-DJ Derek Jeter
CHR-DM Don Mattingly
CHR-DP David Price
CHR-DW David Wright
CHR-EA Elvis Andrus
CHR-FH Felix Hernandez
CHR-FJ Fergie Jenkins
CHR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHR-HP Hunter Pence
CHR-JA John Axford
CHR-JH Josh Hamilton
CHR-JK Jason Kipnis
CHR-JS James Shields
CHR-JSM John Smoltz
CHR-JV Justin Verlander
CHR-JVO Joey Votto
CHR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
CHR-LL Lance Lynn
CHR-MC Matt Cain
CHR-MH Matt Holliday
CHR-MR Mariano Rivera
CHR-MS Max Scherzer
CHR-NC Nelson Cruz
CHR-OC Orlando Cepeda
CHR-PF Prince Fielder
CHR-PK Paul Konerko
CHR-PN Phil Niekro
CHR-PS Pablo Sandoval
CHR-RC Roberto Clemente
CHR-RHA Roy Halladay
CHR-RHO Ryan Howard
CHR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
CHR-SC Starlin Castro
CHR-SM Stan Musial
CHR-SR Scott Rolen
CHR-SS Stephen Strasburg
CHR-TC Ty Cobb
CHR-TL Tim Lincecum
CHR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
CHR-VW Vernon Wells
CHR-WM Willie McCovey
CHR-WMA Willie Mays
CHR-YB Yogi Berra

Chasing History Autograph Cards
Odds: - 1:13 HTA Jumbo Packs - Gold Parallel Autograph 1:2,872 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHA-AC Alex Cobb
CHA-AE Adam Eaton
CHA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
CHA-BH Brock Holt
CHA-CA Chris Archer
CHA-CC Collin Cowgill
CHA-CD Cole De Vries
CHA-DB Dylan Bundy
CHA-DC David Cooper
CHA-DG Didi Gregorius
CHA-DM Don Mattingly
CHA-FL Fred Lynn
CHA-GC Gary Carter
CHA-GS Gary Sheffield
CHA-JB Jay Bruce
CHA-JBA Jose Bautista
CHA-JG Jason Grilli
CHA-JK Jason Kipnis
CHA-JP Jim Palmer
CHA-JPO Johnny Podres
CHA-JPR Jurickson Profar
CHA-JS James Shields
CHA-JW Jered Weaver
CHA-MC Miguel Cabrera
CHA-MM Manny Machado
CHA-MS Mike Schmidt
CHA-MT Mark Trumbo
CHA-MTR Mike Trout
CHA-NM Nick Maronde
CHA-PF Prince Fielder
CHA-PR Paco Rodriguez
CHA-SD Scott Diamond
CHA-SG Steve Garvey
CHA-SM Starling Marte
CHA-SMA Shaun Marcum
CHA-TG Tony Gwynn
CHA-TS Tyler Skaggs
CHA-WB Wade Boggs
CHA-WP Wily Peralta
CHA-WR Wilin Rosario
CHA-ZC Zack Cozart

Chasing History Autograph Relic Cards
Odds 1:1,108 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHAR-AP Andy Pettitte
CHAR-BP Brandon Phillips
CHAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
CHAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
CHAR-DS Darryl Strawberry
CHAR-DW David Wright
CHAR-FJ Fergie Jenkins
CHAR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHAR-HA Hank Aaron
CHAR-JK Jason Kipnis
CHAR-JS John Smoltz
CHAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
CHAR-MH Matt Holliday
CHAR-MS Mike Schmidt
CHAR-MT Mark Trumbo
CHAR-NR Nolan Ryan
CHAR-PF Prince Fielder
CHAR-TG Tony Gwynn
CHAR-YD Yu Darvish
CHAR-ZC Zack Cozart

Chasing History Dual Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/50
Odds 1:1,540 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CHDR-CB Starlin Castro - Ernie Banks
  • CHDR-CC Roberto Clemente - Ty Cobb
  • CHDR-DR Jose Reyes - R.A. Dickey
  • CHDR-JH Rickey Henderson - Reggie Jackson
  • CHDR-KM Justin Morneau - Harmon Killebrew
  • CHDR-MB Ryan Braun - Paul Molitor
  • CHDR-PT Albert Pujols - Mike Trout
  • CHDR-RD Yu Darvish - Nolan Ryan
  • CHDR-RJ Cal Ripken Jr. - Derek Jeter
  • CHDR-RR Alex Rodriguez - Mariano Rivera
  • CHDR-SB George Brett - Mike Schmidt
  • CHDR-SS Gary Sheffield - Giancarlo Stanton
  • CHDR-UU B.J. Upton - Justin Upton
  • CHDR-VP Justin Verlander - David Price
  • CHDR-WS Tom Seaver - David Wright

Chasing History Jumbo Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/20
Odds 1:2,872 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHJR-AJ Adam Jones
CHJR-AM Andrew McCutchen
CHJR-BP Buster Posey
CHJR-CH Cole Hamels
CHJR-DF David Freese
CHJR-DP David Price
CHJR-DW David Wright
CHJR-FH Felix Hernandez
CHJR-GB George Brett
CHJR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHJR-JB Jay Bruce
CHJR-JV Joey Votto
CHJR-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
CHJR-MC Matt Cain
CHJR-MK Matt Kemp
CHJR-PF Prince Fielder
CHJR-RB Ryan Braun
CHJR-RH Rickey Henderson
CHJR-RHA Roy Halladay
CHJR-SS Stephen Strasburg

Making Their Mark Relic Cards
Odds 1:40 HTA Jumbo Packs
MMR-AS Andrelton Simmons
MMR-BH Bryce Harper
MMR-DB Darwin Barney
MMR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
MMR-JK Jason Kipnis
MMR-JPR Jurickson Profar
MMR-LL Lance Lynn
MMR-MO Mike Olt
MMR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
MMR-SC Starlin Castro
MMR-SS Stephen Strasburg
MMR-WR Wilin Rosario
MMR-YC Yoenis Cespedes
MMR-YD Yu Darvish
MMR-ZC Zack Cozart

Making Their Mark Autograph Cards
Odds 1:51 HTA Jumbo Packs
MMA-BR Bruce Rondon
MMA-DB Dylan Bundy
MMA-MM Manny Machado
MMA-MO Mike Olt
MMA-TS Tyler Skaggs
MMA-WM Wade Miley
MMA-WMI Will Middlebrooks
MMA-YC Yoenis Cespedes
MMA-YD Yu Darvish

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/25
Odds 1:4,700 HTA Jumbo Packs
CTCR-AB Albert Belle
CTCR-AK Al Kaline
CTCR-AP Albert Pujols
CTCR-AR Alex Rodriguez
CTCR-BP Buster Posey
CTCR-JW Jered Weaver
CTCR-MH Matt Holliday
CTCR-PF Prince Fielder
CTCR-RD R.A. Dickey
CTCR-RH Rickey Henderson

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Autograph Cards
Serial Numbered #/10
Odds 1:23,000 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CTCA-DS Duke Snider
  • CTCA-JW Jered Weaver
  • CTCA-MC Miguel Cabrera
  • CTCA-MT Mike Trout
  • CTCA-RK Ralph Kiner

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Autograph Relic Cards
Odds 1:17,375 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CTCAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
  • CTCAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
  • CTCAR-AB Albert Belle
  • CTCAR-RH Rickey Henderson
  • CTCAR-MT Mike Trout

And MORE in Hobby boxes i won't list cause we have some retail here!!! 

So i'm ripping it now and scan some of the bases, parallels , inserts and
of course the HITs later! 


... later: 


Let's get it on ...

Some base cards from Series 2 

Base Card of 2013 All Star Michael Cuddyer

Leonys Martin and the great Matt Harvey
(was Harvey's rookie card in 2012 oO ? Or was it in one of those crappy
opening day/Updates&Highlights products?)

Wal Mart Blue Parallel

J.J. Hardy - WalMart Blue Parallel


A really cool insert , new in series 2 ...

Salvador Perez - Making their Mark
(looks like the Museum Collection product 
by Topps. Very nice)

Mike Schmidt - Chasing History
.. as we know them from series 1 !

Jason Kipnis - Chasing History (Refractor Finish)
... yuuuup you might not see it on the scan but they made
a refractor like version of the CH cards in series 2. Very cool ... 

Stan Musial - Chasing History (Refractor Finish)

Stephen Strasburg (Die Cut) - Cut to the Chase


The 2 Hits

Chad Billingsley - Chasing History - Jersey Relic
( What jersey is this? Alternate ? )

And a damn nice hit ....

Fergie Jenkins - Chasing History - Bat Relic

That's all for now...

I just got a lot of 2000 Skybox Baseball base cards.
Stay tuned for this and thanks for reading! 

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