Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1979 Topps - Complete Set

1979 Topps Complete Set of 726 Cards

A little Vintage was in the air on eBay germany ...
I saw it first with 3 days remaining with a price of
45$ and decided to bid in last second .
So 3 days later it was on 51$. My bid in the last second was 62$
... and i got it for the very nice price of 55$  ^^ just great.
I think in that condition the set is at least worth 150$.

If you want to check out the auction (if it is still available)
click here ...


First some pics and later some cool scans of the best cards

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


The best card first

Ozzie Smith - Rookie Card
... well the centering sucks but the card is in 
a perfect condition. This single card could go for 50$ on eBay i think .. (BV60$)

Eddie Murray
Good centering but a little damaged on the upper edge and
lower left corner ... But i don't like this guy anyways.

George Brett - American League All Star and Paul Molitor (Centering -.-)

Pete Rose National League All Star

and yippiee ...

Nolan Ryan with the Angels 
good centering AND good condition :)

That was IT!! 

But i have a little promblem ... i got the following a moth ago from
my girlfriend ..she bought it on eBay for me :

an unopened Cello Pack of 1979 Topps Baseball ^^ 
So the question is: Should i rip it and replace better cards and
maybe sell the doubles on eBay or should i just keep it?
Chris Olds says the following: 

yes thanks, i know that ^^

So if anybody on the planet reads this, comment and tell
me what you would do.

Thanks for reading! 

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