Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2010 Tri-Star OBAK - Hot Box (1/3)

2010 Tri-Star OBAK Baseball

Hot Box

I decided to buy a box of 2010 Obak on Amazon in March.
I looked at some pictures and i thought the product is nice.
OK , no MLB license but you can learn a lot of Major leagues history including
some really funny facts.

So first of all, give it a chance if you see one.

I got it for a good price of 43$ (that's very good on the german market)


Before it arrived i checked it closer on the web and found a checklist .. 

Some Infos:

  • T-212 Obak Design
  • 20 Packs per Box
  • 6 Cards per Pack
  • 2 "Real" Hits per Box (they are talking parallels as hits)
  • AND only 3000 Boxes are produced !!! 

849 of 3000 Boxes

And i recognized the following:

One of the exciting things about 2010 Obak Baseball is the chance to hit a hot box. You'll get 10 Autographs per hot box and over 25 other hits! Now that's some serious hits. There is one guaranteed hot box per 24 box case, so if you have the money, don't be afraid to splurge on a case of this product to get that hot box.  " (source: )

I was one of the lucky ones to hit one of these Boxes :) 

Let's chek it out ....
(i'll show the Variations and Parallels in Post 2 and the Hits in Post 3)
and i will try to add the right BV for some cool cards



Box Toppers:

Al Reach - Box Topper

Chris von der Ahe - Box Topper

Some interesting base cards first ...

Eddie Cicotte - Front and Back

Doc Adams - Inventor of the Short Stop

Jim Creighton - First professional ball player 

Cal Ripken Jr. 5$BV and Derryl Strawberyy

The Guy who sold Hot Dogs at a Baseball game for the first time and the HEINZ Ketchup guy

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 ...

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