Friday, May 24, 2013

2010 Tri-Star OBAK - Hot Box (3/3)

2010 TriStar OBAK

Welcome to the last part of the Box Break

.. remember it was a Hot Box with 10 Autos in it !


The Autographs

We've got not only normal Autos (# to125), we have also
Parallel Autos ..

Brown # to 75
Black # to 50

First Auto is 28/75 Austin Romine of the Yankees , just promoted to the Bigs on April 26 this year. 12$BV

The second is Charlie Ward 45/50 , '93 Heisman Trophy winner. Drafted by Milwaukee in '93 and then again by the Yankees in '94 but started playing Basketball for the Knicks from '94 to '04 12$BV

Let's contiue with kind of a dupe ^^ (never had 2 Autos of the same player in one box)
Both of them are brown parallel Autos of Steve Matz, a pitching injury prone minor of the Mets. First is 68/75 and second 70/75 ... One of them is for trade !!  NO BV

Now my favorite one ...

This is Wayne Terwilliger, one of two minor league managers to manage after the age of 80.
And just by the way , he played for the Chicago Cubs , The Brooklyn Dodgers , The Washington Senators , The New York Giants and The Kansas City Athletics after his debut in 1949. I'm proud to own his autograph .. NO BV

Nothing amazing with .. first Ken Landreaux 108/125 record hitting 31 consecutive games for Minnesota and the "One Game" John Paciorek Brown parallel 39/75

Tom Paciorek 48/125 and the "3 time drafted but never played one game" Neil Medchill 65/125

The last one is really nice ..

Dustin Ackley - Black parallel Auto - 13/50 24$BV

That was the break ... it was really fun and i got some cool hits out of it!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a
 2013 Topps Series 1 - Group Break with 5 Teams !! 

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