Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Ichiro Rookie Card

Good morning baseball card collectors.

A few days ago I received my 2001 Bowman Ichiro RC and the seller wrote in the discription that this card is a short print

I paid 7$ for the auction and 3$ shipping to germany. That's ok I think. The card is listed for 9,99$ 

My question is why it should be a SP ?? It's #84 in the set. 

Here we go with the scans .... 



Thanks for reading ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage Value packs

Good morning baseball card fans ... I ordered some Topps Lineage value packs and breaked them today. Let's see what we got:

There are some nice classic players like Lou Gehrig, George Sisler and Jimmie Foxx 

Click to enlarge

Again I got luck to get the sets Ichiro card ..

A very nice card again ... 

As a Mets fan I'm very happy to get this diamond variation 

Johan Santana Diamond Variation

A mini of Eddie Murray ...

Best pulls at the end .. 

A Carlos Gonzales mini jersey and a awesome Chipper Jones mini jersey (but away jersey, didn't like that)

Finally I have to say that Lineage is a fine product with a lot of different cards. Present players and many from the past. A lot of inserts too ... but the price is way to high .. 

thanks for reading