Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick Mailday - Tier One & Allen Ginter

Real quick here!
Bought 2 relic cards from eBay!

2012 Topps Tier One
Yovani Gallardo - Jersey Card - #399
(for less then 4$)

2011 Allen&Ginter
Mark Teixeira - Jersey 
( for 2$)

I'm happy with it :) 

Thanks for reading and
stay tuned for some
Allen Ginter Packs! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Allen&Ginter - eBay Box Break (Mets , Brewers)

What's up guys!

I bought 2 teams in a box break of 
2012 Allen Ginter on eBay.
I had the opportunity to watch it live or later on YouTube.

Cause it was 4AM here in germany i watched it
on YouTube. ^^ 

So if you reading this post cause of A&G Mets cards, 
just stop.

There was no Mets card in the whole Box !!!! 


But the guy from the break gave me a refund for
no Mets players in the Box!

So take a look at his breaks!
I like him and i'll come back!

(But he's not able to focus on the cards, it's the wall behind everytime)

So Brewers only .. and not many!
Here is the video first!

Many Angels, Nationals, Phillys, Dodgers, Rangers!
And of course Yankees!
So if you buy a spot .. take one of these!


We had 5 Brewers cards in total ... no hit!
3 Base Cards - 1 Short Print - 1 Insert

Aramis Ramirez and Nyjer Morgan

Rickie Weeks 

Zack Greinke - SP
1:2 Hobby Packs

and ...  a really nice Ryan Braun - Highlight Sketch card!

As a bonus he gave me following!

2010 Bowman Platinum - Ryan Braun

.... so Braun is one of my favorite players! I like this one ...

Thanks for reading 
and stay tuned for
a 2 Card Mailday!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ichiro Mailday - Relic/Inserts

Ichiro Mailday

I just shot a very nice lot of 9 Ichiro inserts
on ebay. For 1.20$ only!

Some card are valued at 8 or 15 dollar and even 
one # to 99. 

I also won a great Ichiro relic for another 1.70$ from the same guy.

Let's start withe the inserts.


This one is a 2001 E-Card , supposed to unloch something on the net.
So unscratched this one has a 
BV of 15$ .... so this card alone would be worth it! 

2001 Upper Deck E-Card Classics - Ichiro (unscratched)

This one is from the 2007 UD Masterpieces set.
Looking very nice and is #to 99
15$ BV too .. 

2007 UD Masterpieces - Black Linen - Ichiro 82/99

2001 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects - World Tour (WT4) Ichiro
8$ BV ... great! 

Another 2002 UD MVP ! (19)

2002 Upper Deck MVP - Ichiro a season to remember

2005 Bazooka - Ichiro 
(Very thick .. and ugly card ^^ )

2003 Upper Deck Superstars - Magic Moments Ichiro
about 3 or 4 $ BV

2010 Upper Deck - Biography Ichiro

2006 Upper Deck - Hot Stove Headlines Ichiro
2007 Topps Stars - Ichiro


And now the great relic!

Loooook at this! 

2009 Allen Ginter - Ichiro Framed Relic (AGR-15)
It's the AWAY jersey but for 1.70$ .. just nice! 

Click to enlarge!

Thanks for reading!
And stay tuned for an eBay/YouTube Box
Break of 2012 Allen Ginter!
Teams: Mets, Brewers!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

2002 Upper Deck MVP - Retail Box

What's up collectors ? 
I ordered a "Deal" Box at dacardworld

2002 Upper Deck MVP Baseball
i think it was at 12.99$!

The reason to Order was Ichiro again.
The product has a lot of Ichiro inserts and numbered relics.

As you can see they are promoting that on the box .. 


Let's do the quick recap first!

24 Packs - 8 Cards per pack

I had a chance to get:

Ichiro A Season to Remember (Insert)

Ichiro A Season to Remember Numbered (Insert)

Souvenir Bat

Souvenir Bat/Jersey Combo

Souvenir Jersey

Gold Souvenir Bat/Jersey Combo


What i got:

190 Base Cards - 2 Inserts 
(not numbered)

.... there is a simple reason i usually don't buy Upper Deck!
This crap is! 
What sense!

(I know UD is good in Football and Hockey and Basketball, but that doesn't matter here in the baseball hobby) 

Upper Deck sucks! 

But anyways ... let me show you some scans.



Albert Pujols and David Ortiz
(who's the skinny guy ? ^^)

Mike Piazza
(oh nice smile, beautiful face Mike)


Alex Rodriguez - Checklist
(I couldn't identify him on this photo)

Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr. - Checklist

so the design sucks and the cards are scratchy cause of this
engraved bronze stuff.


Let's head to the cool cards


Ichiro - Base Card

Ichiro - Checklist

The Inserts:

Ichiro - A season to remember (Insert) 15 & 18


Nothing more in the whole box ^^ 
I cannot believe that somebody bought this box
back in 2002!

If you want to complete the base set.
Just mail me , tweet me.
I'll send you some cards.

Thanks for reading! 

Stay tuned for Ichiro Mailday!