Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Pack - 2011 Topps Series 2

Good morning card collectors. 

I bought a Jumbo hot pack on eBay. Nearly 3 months ago. 
And it finally arrived saturday. That's really hard. 

I'm satisfied with the hit ... (Jumbo Packs; 36 cards - with relic 34 cards)

Starlin Castro - Jersey Card

I'm not a Cubs or Communist fan but I really like this card.

Other cards in the pack:

A Hank Aaron / Jason Heyward - Diamond Duo Card

Evan Longoria 60 Years of Topps and a 1995 Frank Thomas reprint (no original back)

Monday, August 22, 2011

4 Hobby Packs - 2011 Topps Series 2

Hallo card collectors,

i'm a little pissed off right now. I had 4 packs left over to break today.

First of all. One pack was completely damaged. Fortunately I owned 90% of the cards before.
The only card I'm a little angry about is a 60YOT-105 - Tony Gwynn (60 Years of Topps).
I don't know if it was an mistake by Topps or Dacardworld ... What ever! 

Second thing is my baaad luck on this order. I had not hit in all 11 packs (8 hobby, 3 retail) expect the Buster Posey RC.

Best of my 3 packs : 

A Roy Halladay "Diamond Stars" Insert and a Tim Collins "Diamond Anniversary" Variation Rookie card ...

J.A. Happ Gold Parallel (# to 2011)

And the last one : A Diamond Duo card - Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury

Thanks for reading ...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Hobby Packs - 2011 Allen & Ginter's

A sad huhu from me here in germany. I opened 4 hobby packs of 2011 Allen Ginter and what I pulled was only crap. One card I cannot believe. Ok let's start.

2 Parallel cards: A Derek Lowe Black Corner SP  and a Brett Anderson Mini - Black bordered

btw. I have NO pricing for any Allen Ginter card yet. AG pricings are not included in the newest Beckett Baseball magazine. And eBay is too much work.

A funny Gecko card :)

I like these inserts. 

Hometown Heroes - Josh Hamilton

A CC Sabathia "Baseball Highlight Sketches" Card ... nice !

And the last scan for today:

The most crappy, shitty and fucked up card on the whole product ...

A 2011 Allen Ginter "Son of a bitch" 

Who the HELL is this ugly hairless guy ??? oO

The card says he is a a champion in "Bean Bag Toss" 
Haha bean bag toss omg LOOOSER! 

Thank you Topps for Matt Gay! 

Next year there will be a card with the olympic curling team ... OMG

Allen Ginter is not my product. There are sooo many insert cards ... And I pull 
only shit. No Auto or Relic ... nothing ... not even a numbered parallel.

BONUS: SP variation of the "Son of a bitch" card ... 


First Look at 2012 Topps Baseball


I searched the web for some previews for 2010 Topps Baseball and found something.

Source: Beckett Media

2010 Upper Deck - Bonus Packs -

Hi ho,

I placed a collective order with some guys of a local forum at Dacardworld and received 3 packs of 2010 Upper Deck series 1. I don't like Upper Deck and the 2010 cards are not very nice. But I checked my Beckett and the only card in the series I would buy on eBay is the Buster Posey RC.

So I opened the 3 packs (Retail , 18 cards per pack) and tada in pack number 2 ... The Buster Posey Rookie Card. wuuhuuu :) And here it is . ... .

Click to enlarge ... 

Beckett says 15 - 30 $ ... on eBay the average price is 29 $. But I wont sell it. I'm thinking about getting a TTM auto ? Anybody experience with Posey TTM ?? (comment)

Yes and the other "good" pull is a Grady Sizemore Upper Deck Portrait but the question is : Is this a Gold Portrait card or a normal card ? The gold cards are numbered to 99. But there is no numeration oO 

So please let me know!! Gold is 1,4x to 4x of the basic card.

There are some hobby packs of Topps series 2 and Allen Ginter left .. I will break the today or tomorrow and will post my pulls HERE ...  so stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I built myself a storage box ^^

What's up ? Look what I've done. Without glue or something :D haha

I just wanted you to see this ... *proud*

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Retail Pack Break - Series 2, Allen & Ginter - Part 3

Welcome again Baseball card fans. It's the last part of my retail pack break. 2 Allen Ginter and 3 Topps series 2 were left to break. I pulled some interesting things but again : NOTHING special ... and that sucks !

Let's begin with another Gold parallel card ... Daniel Bard

Then 2 great looking Topps 60 cards of Rickey Henderson and Mariano Rivera. First to honor his great speed and second for his 559 career saves (second most behind Trevor Hoffman with 601).

Let's continue with my favorite base card and a nice diamond variation. Prince Fielder and Ryan Sweeney ...

At least a great lokking 2003 Albert Pujols reprint (no original back)

Now it's time to show you Allen Ginter ... First I want to know what this is :

What is this shit? Seems to be like these Topps Attaxx advertising shit? 
Why should I follow someone on twitter ? There are people who don't even
have twitter ... oO
PLEASE comment and tell me (no i'm not able to use google)

I'll continue with 2 minis ... some circus minis! Knife Throwing and The Human Blockhead ..

I love the colors ...

My favorite ist this David Wright (woooop wooooop METS ) Baseball Highlight Sketches card.

He was the youngest Mets player to reach 1000 hits ! (see back of the card)

Now two I wanted to scan cause they are unusual .... Mat Hoffman (BMX guy and the USS Texas)

My Conclusion :

It was a big big mistake to buy retail packs.
I spent 40$ and get NOTHING 

Just  a lot of base card crap and 30 dupes.
There was no Jersey or Autograph in all 16 packs.

Yes, Allen Ginter is a nice product but 6 cards per pack for this price? 

Next time I'll pay 10 bucks more and buy the whole set.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Retail Pack Break - Series 2, Allen & Ginter - Part 2

What's up Baseball fans? It's time for part 2 of my retail pack break. Today I opened 4 packs of Topps series 2 and one Allen Ginter. There are some interesting pulls. Nothing special but interesting for me ...

Lets see what we have ... A Geovany Soto gold parallel .... you know it's numbered to 2011!

3 nice base cards I didn't have before ...
Evan Longoria, A-Gonz and Fukudome .... Woopi ^^

And know a yummi Diamond Variation and a special A-Gonz card ... Diamond Stars. It's a DS-4 

A Topps 60 of Washington Senators pitcher Walter Johnson and a Brian McCann

1965 Topps Frank Robinson (no Original Back )

Now going over to the Allen Ginter pack (favorite product)

The first card was this Buster Posey .... one  of my favorite young players ... unfortunately injured now.

Amazing :)

A Hometown Heroes card of Prince Fielder .... great too.

And at least a scary Mini of a house called "The Villisca Axe Murder House" (see back) 

Thanks for reeding this post ^^ Stay tuned for Part 3 ...