Monday, May 5, 2014

15 new Ichiro cards

Ichiro PC additions

A few weeks ago i won in a little
"Trivia Contest" held by a nice Sports Cards Shop
located in germany.

Check out the store if you looking for something

Let's start ..  a lot of work to do!

2007 Topps Walt Mart Ichiro - WM-15 (1$eBay)
(never heard of this series oO)
2007 UD MLB Artifacts - Ichiro (1$COMC)

2004 Bowman Heritage - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2002 UD Vintage - Ichiro (1.50BV)

2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars - Ichiro (300) 01 GLV (1.50$BV)

2010 Topps 206 - Ichiro (1$BV) (sorry bad scan) 

2010 Topps Chrome Ichiro (2$BV)

2007 SP Rookie Edition - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2005 UD Trilogy - Ichiro (4$BV)   
and   2002 UD Ballpark Idols - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2003 Bazooka - Comics - Ichiro (4$BV)

2006 UD sweet Spot - Ichiro (1.50$eBay)
and    2008 UD Timeline Baseball - Ichiro (2.50$BV)

2008 SP Authentic - Ichiro (1.50$BV)
and    2010 Topps Update Series - Ichiro - US-130 (1.25$BV)


Boy this took some time :D 
I think next time i only post an update on special Ichiro cards or designs who 
deserve a post. But i'll post an update on Facebook and you can see
them in my Ichiro section.

Thanks for reading!  

Mailday - 2 Relics for my collection

Mailday - 2 Relics

Hello folks! 
I received 2 nice relic cards for my 
player collection some weeks ago.

I don't know what i paid for them but it wasn't much .. 

2002 Topps 206 - Mike Piazza - Relic TR-MP Jsy A1  (15$BV)

2013 Allen Ginter - Buster Posey - Relic AGR-BP (9$COMC)

Very nice cards i wouldn't trade :) 

Thanks for reading !! 

Vintage lot of 270 cards - 1980

Vintage Lot

1980 Topps

Back in September i posted the first part of this vintage lot
from eBay .. Last time i scanned some of the 1979 Topps 
cards. They're still for trade/sale.

This time i'll show you the 
1980's cards of the lot.

I remember i already checked it in Beckett
but it looks like i lost the list.
So i'll start over again to determine the value ^^ 

Remember the lot was 16$ and i already got around 50$ only
on the 1979 cards.
Check here if you're interested !! 


Let's dive in  .. the best card from the lot and the second best
from the whole set.

Nolan Ryan (American League All Star) 20$BV

Nolan Ryan (back) Card No. 580

Pete Rose (1979 Highlights) 3$BV   
and    Carl Yastrzemski 2.50$BV (i have 2 of them ... 1 for sale/trade)

Carlton Fisk 2.50$BV (double .. FT/FS)     and     Dale Murphy 2.50$BV

Don Sutton 1$BV   and   George Brett 8$BV

Dave Stieb RC 2$BV
(the only notable Rookie Card besides the Rickey Henderson)

A value of 44$ only in those few cards .. and i have 87 commons with
a little worth also.

I'll list the doubles here. So tell me if you need something.


* Carlton Fisk * 40*

* Carl Yastrzemski * 720*
 (last time i write down this name)

* Adrian Devine * 528 *
* Bill Campbell * 15 *
* Ivan DeJesus * 691*
* Jim Clancy * 249 *
* Ray Knight * 174 *
* Jerry White * 724*
* Mike Jorgensen * 213 *


Pretty cool .. i wish i could find something
like this every day on eBay :D