Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box Break (3/3)

2013 Gypsy Queen 

Hobby Box Break - Part 3

The Hits !! 

Finally i'll present you the hits of my break.
Remember there are 2 Autos & 2 Relic cards per 
Hobby Box.


What could you get ...

(not talking about the extra mini box)

Autograph Cards (on card) - 2 per Hobby Box
Autograph Mini Cards

Autograph Relic Cards #25 or less
Dual Autograph Relic Cards #25 or less
Triple Autograph Relic #10 or less

Relic Cards (Black parallel #25) 1 per Box
Mini Relic Cards (Black parallel #10) 1 per Box

Original Patch Cards 1of1
Bat Barrel Cards 1of1
Jumbo Relic Cards


Let's begin ....

First pack , first hit. Suprising but a 
really cool card.

Matt Holliday - Mini Framed Relic
(Really cool card, but i don't know why they frame those.
Would be better if it's not framed)

Second Hit:

Jean Segura - Auto 
(Goes for 3$ to 15$ on eBay , don't know. Not so cool)

Next "Hit":

Yonder Alonso - Auto (Redemption)
(Goes for 5$ up to 25$ on eBay, just the redemption. Seems to be, Yonder
didn't sign them yet. My redemtion is still pending. Not shipped.)

Last HIT! :

David Freese - Hometown Currency Parallel 4/5
(Holds a genuine Missouri quarter, little spot in the upper left corner
isn't on the card)

Back of the card

This one is very nice isn't it? 2011 World Series MVP and #5
So there is a currency parallel of every card in the set.
It's not a Jackie Robinson but i think i had a good one with Freese.

But the question is, why Topps considers this as a relic?
It's a manufactured relic in my opinion.
Or did he buy some gum with this quarter ? ^^ I don't think so.

Anyways it's a cool and rare card. Didn't found Freese's on eBay yet.
The Hometown Currencys have a range from 50$ up to 250$ in case of the Jackie Robinson.
Most of them on eBay are about 100$. But no Freese ... if you have a new Beckett Baseball or a subscription please tell me his BV if the card is listed.


Let's break the break down!

I paid about 120$ for the Hobby Box.
And this is the best price you can get in europe.

Cool, base cards. Many inserts.
Very few parallels ... there are only 2 different base card parallels.
Some mini parallels. But the best one was broken ^^ 

The hits are ok. The best hit isn't even a real hit :D but i don't care cause
i love the design this year. Cool and solid product.
For the 90$ you pay in US i would buy a second.

I'll give the break a B- !!

Next box I'll buy should be
2013 Allen Ginter .. best product year after year! 

Thanks for reading

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Pack: 2002 Topps Series 1 (Retail)

2002 Topps Series 1 - Retail Pack

Recently oredered one pack of this product
to have a liiiiitle chance to get a Joe Mauer RC ..

.. but didn't happen.

At least the design is much better as the 2007.

13 cards per Pack


The list: 

#57 - Dante Bichette
#105 - Doug Mientkiewicz
#60 - Roger Clemens
#37 - Edgar Renterai
#273 - Jeff D'Amico
Checklist 1of4
Logo Race - Win a Cap
#230 - Jeromy Burnitz
#167 - Shawn Estes
#181 - Alex Gonzales
#247 - Brian Bohanon
#91 - Paul Bako
#309 - Hank Blalok (prospect)
#312 - Raymond Cabrera (prospect)
#339 - 2001 AL Home Run Leaders

... base base and base ^^ nothing more.

The Clemens is ok .. but with 1$ BV ... hm! 

2002 Topps - Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens - Back

AL HR Leaders - Rodriguez , Thome , Palmeiro

Alex Gonzalez

I'm not lucky with getting something special ..

Thanks for reading .. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box Break (2/3)

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box

Part 2 of 3 

Parallels and Inserts


What we can get: 

Base Card Parallels
Blue Paper Parallel - #499
Silver Frame Paper - 1of1
(Hometown Currency Parallel #5)

Mini Parallels
Black #199
Green #99
Sepia Tone #50
Wood #5
Leather 1of1

No Hitter Inserts
Dealing Aces Interts
Sliding Stars Inserts
Collision at the plate Inserts
Glove Stories Interts


Base Card Parallels

The only base card parallel in the entire Box ^^ 
There have to be more parallel cards next year.

Carlton Fisk - Blue Paper Parallel 121/499

Mini Parallels

Robin Roberts - Black Mini Parallel 195/199
(it's a SP card, but it shouldn't matter in this case)

Anibal Sanchez - Green Mini Parallel 56/99

Pedro Alvarez - Sepia Tone Mini Parallel 50/50
... look at it -.- it's completely destroyed. Damages all over the card.
Don't know why. It came out of the pack like you see it here ..
Click it to enlarge! 


Let's take a look at the


  • NH-NR Nolan Ryan
  • NH-WS Warren Spahn
  • NH-BF Bob Feller
  • NH-FH Felix Hernandez
  • NH-CH Catfish Hunter
  • NH-JS "Nohan" Santana

Felix Hernandez - No Hitter Insert
(No Hitter card for a perfect game, but yes it was 
a no hitter too)

Catfish Hunter   and    Johan Santana 

  • DA-JW Jered Weaver
  • DA-CL Cliff Lee
  • DA-JV Justin Verlander
  • DA-RH Roy Halladay
  • DA-SS Stephen Strasburg
  • DA-CS Cris Sale

All four designs of the "Dealing Aces" Insert Set .. with Cliff Lee, Jered Weaver
Stephen Strasburg and Roy Halladay.

  • SS-MT Mike Trout
  • SS-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
  • SS-OS Ozzie Smith
  • SS-AM Andrew McCutchen

Sliding Stars - Mike Trout

Sliding Stars - Ozzie Smith

  • CS-SP Salvador Perez
  • CP-BM Brian McCann
  • CP-JB Johnny Bench

Collisions at the plate - Brian McCann

  • GS-DJ Derek Jeter
  • GS-JJ Jon Jay
  • GS-MM Manny Machado
  • GS-JW Jayson Werth

Glove Stories - Jayson Werth

That was it! 

Stay tuned for the Hits! 

Thanks for reading ... 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box Break (1/3)

2013 Gypsy Queen - Hobby Box

What's up people?
I'm really excited to show you my Hobby Box break 
of this years Topps Gypsy Queen product.

If you are looking for the Hits, wait for Part 3 please !!!


This years Gypsy Queen is loaded with tons of cool
stuff. (Could be a real competition for 2013 Allen Ginter i think)


1 Hobby Box, 
24 packs per Box
10 Cards / Pack

2 AU per Box
2 Relic Cards per Box 

+ 1 ( 1 - 10 Card) Mini Pack (Box Loader)


What's in the product ? ...

We have 300 Base Cards and 50 SP Base Cards.
Every Base Card as a Mini Version.

25 Base Cards have VariationsHere

4 Versions of Printing Plates
Home Town Currency Parallels - #5
Blue Paper Parallels - #499
Silver Frame Paper Parallels - 1of1

Mini Black Parallel #199
Mini Green Parallel #99
Mini Sepia Parallel #50
Mini Wood Parallel #5
Mini Leather Parallel 1of1

Printing Plates

Only found in Box Loader Mini Packs: 

Mini Buttons - #3
Mini AUs - #10
Mini Relic/AU Booklets - #5


Mini Variations - (Box Loader and regular Packs)


Autographs - 2 per Hobby Box
Autograph Mini Cards
Autograph Relic Cards - #25 or less
Dual Autograph Relic Cards - #25 or less
Tripple Autograph Relic Cards - #10 or less

Relic cards - 1 Per Hobby Box (Black Parallel #25)
Mini Relic Cards - 1 Per Hobby Box (Black Parallel #10)


Original Patch Cards 1of1
Bat Barrel Cards 1of1
Jumbo Relic Cards

+ a lot of Inserts i'll show in the 2nd part!

Full Checklist here .. Sportscardradio


Base Cards , Short Prints and Variations

Let's start with the 10 card mini pack (the Box Loader)

In this pack could be a Button Relic, a Booklet , a Mini Auto 
oooor just 10 Mini VARIATION Cards.

.... so at least you'll get 10 cool Variation cards.

... and guess what ? :D i did! 

  • 26 Clayton Kershaw
  • 208 Gio Gonzales
  • 7 Mike Schmidt
  • 99 Yu Darvish
  • 149 Tom Seaver
  • 284 Reggie Jackson
  • 277 Orlando Cepeda
  • 49 George Kell
  • 68 Johnny Cueto
  • 64 Joey Votto

The Variation Card compared to the base Mini :

Kershaw Variation (with Bat) and Regular (pitching)

Tom Seaver - Mini Variation

Mike Schmidt   and   Yu Darvish , both Variation versions


Base Cards

The base card design this year is very cool. The best of all Gypsy Queen in 
my opinion. But to collect the whole 350 card base set is a problem i think.
Cause 50 of them are short printed. And the SPs are not 300-350 , they are spread
all over the base set. And they are hard to get ... a real shame.

Anyways .. i've scanned some base: 

Evan Longoria 

Evan Longoria - Back

Sandy Koufax  and Justin Verlander

Nelson Cruz    and    Jackie Robinson

Derek Jeter   and   Whitey Ford (a realy great card)

David Wright 

.... cool but ... oO
.... noooo! Are you serious Topps ? -.- 
Why should anybody pick that picture ?? ^^ 

And the last Base Scan ...

Babe Ruth


Base SPs

I had 6 SPs in 24 packs ...

  • 7 Mike Schmidt
  • 162 Bruce Sutter
  • 248 Matt Harrison
  • 346 Phil Rizzuto
  • 340 Willie Mays
  • 318 Robin Roberts

Some scans ...

Willie Mays SP

Robin Roberts   and   Matt Harrison , Short Prints



1 Mini Card per Pack

Paul Molitor   and   Don Mattingly , Minis

Darin Ruf Mini Rookie Card   and   Paco Rodriguez Rookie Card

The last card for today ....

Nolan Ryan Mini (Short Printed)

That was it for the first part ..
I hope you enjoyed
(wooow , just worked 5 hours on this single post ^^)

Stay tuned for the nest part with Parallels and Inserts ! 

Thanks for reading