Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Topps Series One - Some packs left

Good evening card fans!

I had exactly 8 packs of Topps Series One left and without the Hot Pack from
the latest post I had not even one hit this year.
So the odds are on my side ... i thought. But nope. There is no hit again. -.-

Every seller guarantees me the packs are not searched. (I buy no boxes, taxes and shipping
are too expensive for me) The only thing I can do is trust the seller.

I'll show you some nice Base Cards and Inserts i pulled.



Some amazing Mets
I think they are amazing this year! Yeeep!

Mr.Knuckleball himself
R.A. Dickey
(and a huge Star Wars fan too :) )
He has a great season ... back to back one hitters this month!

For me NL's best Rookie last year.
With 100 Games an average of .292 and slugging of .482

Lucas Duda

Brian Wilson (^^) and Ryan Howard

Josh Hamilton

I'll try my first TTM auto request with his last years Ginter card soon.
He has a high success rate. Nearly 100% on 2 locations!
So wish me luck ... 

Derek Jeter                      Ryan Braun

2 of the very best in the game!

Enoughhhhh BASE CRAP! :D


I also pulled some Parallels ... Shoooocking! yes -.-
and not even One numbered ... 

Major Leagues All Time Leader in saves on a 1987 Topps Mini Card

Mariano Rivera
(I think he has 608 right now ?! )

My third Lou Gehrig - Golden Greats Card this year! hah :)
How many are out there  ?? All different storys on the back.
Very Cool! 

Kurt Suzuki - Gold Parallel 
(Every time i write his name, i write " Kurz " )

Nolan Ryan - Gold Standard

I would love to have this card autographed. 
Maybe I'll try TTM with this. But only if I have a success before.

And my personal "Hit" : 

Ichiro - Golden Moments

Really cool isn't it? 
Best in the woooorld! .. no that was CM Punk oO

Ok fellas, stay tuned for Series two of 2012 Topps, some more Ichiros
Bowman and whatever arrives my house.

Thanks for reading ... 

Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Topps Series 1 - Hot Pack

It's Hot Pack Time

I just won an auction on eBay for a Hot Pack of 
2012 Topps Series 1.
36 Card Retail Jumbo Pack.

Cost me about 6,50$ plus 6$ shipping !
Is that strange people ? Yes it definitaly is!!! -.-

BUT i paid 12 for those packs at times,  .. without shipping. So anyways .. Here it is:

The " Hit " :

Alex Gordon - Golden Moments - Relic

Maaaan why? -.-

I spend dollars and dollars and most of the time my hits are crap.


There was a Gold parallel also. A really cool one. .. 

The 2011 National League Leaders in Wins!! 

Ian Kennedy
Clayton Kershaw
Roy Halladay

... in solid GOLD ^^ haha

And one cool 1987 Mini card:

Derek Jeter - 1987 Mini

Actually the best mini in set you can get with an HI value of
4,00$ ^^ ... Coooool !


Something funny at the end ... 

Caption this ...

and this ...

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Bowman - Some Packs

What's up fellas ? 

I bought some Bowman Packs. Hobby Edition, what else ?
Let's look at the Packs!

Nicey! ^^ 

Baseballcardpedia Quote:

2012 Bowman Baseball was release to retail on May 4, 2012. The set features 220 cards and a 110 card Prospect insert set. Each Hobby box will yield one on-card autograph. Each pack will contain five base cards, one Gold parallel, two Prospects, two Chrome Prospects. For the first time since 2008, Bowman will not include and Team USA content.

The normal price is 2,99$ per Hobby pack!

Let's take a look

Jacoby Ellsbury and Melky Cabrera 

The base cards looking really cool. Like the whole product. Just great.

Gold Parallels - One in every Pack

David Ortiz and Jayson Werth - Gold Parallels (not numbered)
(Sorry for the bad Ortiz scan)

These are not very special cause you get one in every pack.
But 2 greats. Lucky!


Let's continue with 
Bowman Chrome

You get 2 in every pack. I had one pack with only one .. FUUUUU!! ^^ 

Greg Bird - Bowman Chrome

Ok, something ugly now.
An Insert called Bowmans Best

Hobby Odds 1:6

Mann Dominguez - Bowmans Best


Last but not least the greatest backstabber of them all.

A numbered blue parallel of Jose Reyes - Miami Marlins

Jose Reyes - Blue Parallel # to 500

Really Cool! 

These packs won't be the last. I want a really cool refractor. An orange one
And i will buy them untill I get one ^^ 

Stay tuned and thanks for reading! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Inventory Lot - eBay - Is it worth 14$ ?

Good morning people.
Today i've got a little special from eBay.

It's called an Inventory Lot.

The official auction Link:

The seller is telling me that all cards are from his collection.

And I quote:
"Over the last 20 years I have built up a collection of over 300,000 sports cards. Now its time to move and I simply won't have enough space for all but a very small portion of my sports memorabilia collection. Unfortunately that means it time for the sports cards to go. My loss is your gain big time, because I've got TONS of good stuff available at an incredibly low price. "

His description of 1 lot:

Each $14 lot will include:
  • A total of 30-50 baseball cards from my collection. My collection spans from 1909-2010.
  • Half of the Lots Contain (1) Certified Autographed Card, Game Used Jersey Card, Game Used Patch Card, or Graded Card.
  • The Other Half of the Lots Contain (2) Certified Autographed Cards, Game Used Jersey Cards, Game Used Patch Cards, or Graded Cards!
  • There are NO junk 80's and 90's cards whatsoever in ANY of these lots.

So these are the facts!
(He offers discount after 3 Lots with more Auto/Relic/Graded Stuff)

I bought 1 Lot with 8,40$ shipping to germany!


I received a total of 30 cards (remember 30 - 50in each)
I received 1 Auto and 1 Jersey # to 99
A total of 7 Rookie Cards

28x Topps Company
1x SPX
1x Donruss

The details: 

(Remember 1909 - 2010)

2 x 2012 Bowman
1 x 2012 Topps
2 x 2012 Gypsy Queen
1 x 2011 Topps Update (Parallel)
1 x 2011 Topps Chrome
2 x 2011 Topps Lineage
3 x 2011 Topps Finest
2 x 2011 Topps Heritage
1 x 2011 Allen Ginter
1 x 2011 Gypsy Queen
1 x 2008 Bowman
1 x 2008 Donruss
5 x 2007 Bowman
1 x 2006 Bowman
1 x 2006 Bowman Heritage
1 x 2009 Bowman
1 x 1969 Topps (Common)


1 x 2012 Bowman Auto (RC)
1 x 2008 SPX Relic (Jersey) #99
(Scroll down for the details)

So 17 of 30 cards are not in the range of 1909 - 2010. Those cards are NOT out of market so I can buy packs, boxes or HUGE cases my self. This would be a reason for me to give him a   -   !!! I did not.
I had only 1 parallel. It was a common diamond anniversary edition of 2011 Topps Update. Not cool.

He sais:

" I have randomly sorted and packaged the cards. So what you get is purely the luck of the draw. This is true no matter how many lots you purchase to some extent.  "

I bet in every lot are exactly 30 cards ^^ !! 
... filled with 2011 and 2012 products! 

 "I have done my best to mimic the fun, excitement, and risk involved in buying and breaking wax packs. As such not everyone will receive a big money hit! BUT many people will! "

Yeah , that's right! :)

 " The overall average value of the cards you get will be far and away better then what you would get from a packaged card product. "

Not in my case.

So enough quotes now. You can read it by yourself.
 And please take a close look at his scans.
The scanned cards are AWESOME! 
The Auto / Jersey I received was not in the the shown range. Really! 

I've scanned some things for you!

2003 Bowman Chien-Ming Wang and 2006 Bowman Howie Kendrick

1969 Topps Fred Lasher and 2007 Bowman Curtis Granderson

Some of the cool cards I think. I'm sorry but I dont even know this Tigers Pitcher up there

2011 Topps Finest Dillon Gee RC (yippi :) )and 2012 Gypsy Queen Alcides Escobar

Btw. I think the 2012 Gypsy Queen product is looking a lot better than last year. I like the "filter" , the colors. Really cool stuff .. 

My Hits: 
2012 Bowman - Brad Peacock Auto - Rookie Card

The value is just about 4$ , anyways this card is really cool. The Auto is nice and 
it's a Rookie card. So That's cool .. 

2008 SPX - Winning Materials - (Relic) Jermaine Dye numbered to 99

Now this one is # to 99 .. the normal ones are # to 150 !
Beckett say that the #99 is
.4x to 1x WM SPX 150

Why? oO 
In what world is a 150 piece limited card more rare than a 99 piece ??
If you read that, Mr. Card Fan, explain that to me. PLEASE! 

Let's say it's a 4$ card ?! Maybe dunno...

The Score : 

I'm not really satisfied with this lot. If he tells me 1909 - 2010 ... I want 1909 - 2010 
and no 2011 or 2012. 
90% of the cards are common. No cool Inserts or relevant Rookie Cards.

Only One Card was pre-2000 . This is not cool.

The hits are ok but nothing really special.

So i think the whole thing is calculated. There is no collection of a single man.
The seller bought the cards and repacked them into lots. So he is able to earn 2 dollars per lot.
(sellers name : integrity-ecommerce-inc ^^ )

I will give it 1 more chance and buy another lot or maybe 2.
Stay tuned for the result.

Thanks for reading guys!!!