Sunday, July 21, 2013

2000 Skybox Baseball - 180 Card Base and Insert lot

2000 Skybox Baseball

What's up cardboard community ... i just bid on a little lot
of the 2000 (Fleer) Skybox baseball cards and
got it for about 5$ including the shipping. It was eBay germany.

I thought the design is ok for an early 2000 product.

I was looking for 

#1 Cal Ripken
#17 Greg Maddux
#49 Barry Bonds
#99 Griffey Jr.
#107 A-Rod
#128 Roger Clemens
#143 Mike Piazza
#163 Mark McGwire
#180 Derek Jeter

... and some other not listed base and inserts.

So the set has 300 Cards (card 200-250 are prospects)

 aaaand i just noticed card 250 - 300 are Short Prints ^^ 
so i have to check every card again now ...

so i tried it and i don't get this product :D
the product description says some parallels are numbered .. i didn't see a
single numbered card. And i can't identify the SPs oO
so please help me. 

I'll post some of the best cards and the "numbered" or not 
numbered parallels .. 


Best of the Lot 


Mike Piazza (Front & Back) 
The design is solid 1 action photo on the front and 1 portrait like on the back , including stats over the last 5 years.

Yankees Section
Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

Bartolo Colon 
... wait is that Colon ? ^^  It is! 

Mark McGwire and Josh Beckett prospect 
i've got the McGwire twice if you want one. So the Beckett is a normal prospect card ...

Best base card on the set , BV of 3$

Cal Ripken Jr.


let's continue with the Parallels and Inserts

Chad Harville - Prospect (blue)
so this should be a parallel ... i don't know. Blue parallels are
not listed.

Scott Williamson and Chad Hermansen
both Star Rubies Parallels (not numbered)

A-Rod - Preeminence Insert

Premium Pairs Insert .... B.J. Ryan and Corey Lee

Chipper Jones - E-Ticket Insert 
... should be scratchable on the right side. But isn't ..nice!!

Sean Casey - The Technique Insert

and finally 

Manny Ramirez - Skylines Insert 

That's all folks! 

Thanks for reading ....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gypsy Queen Redemtion Mailday

2013 Gypsy Queen

Redemption Mailday

Got mail today.
Yoder Alonso finally signed his Gypsy Queen cards ....

Here it is : 

2013 Gypsy Queen - Yonder Alonso AUTO

Thanks ;-) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball - 2 HOT Packs


So i don't like people who are sitting on the floor
at WalMart and searching retail boxes.
BUT if i don't buy them on eBay ... some other guy does.

So here are 2 packs i bought 2 weeks ago ... 

Normal Pack 5,99$
Value Pack 7,99$

Should be good! 

And series 2 is loaded with cool relics and autos ....

just check it out:

Took this from: 

Chasing History Relic Cards
Odds: - 1:15 HTA Jumbo Packs - Gold Parallel #/99 1:192 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHR-AB Adrian Beltre
CHR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera
CHR-AG Alex Gordon
CHR-AGO Adrian Gonzalez
CHR-AP Andy Pettitte
CHR-AR Alex Rodriguez
CHR-AS Alfonso Soriano
CHR-BB Billy Butler
CHR-BM Brian McCann
CHR-BP Brandon Phillips
CHR-BPO Buster Posey
CHR-CB Chad Billingsley
CHR-CC Carl Crawford
CHR-CF Carlton Fisk
CHR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
CHR-CL Cliff Lee
CHR-CR Colby Rasmus
CHR-DJ Derek Jeter
CHR-DM Don Mattingly
CHR-DP David Price
CHR-DW David Wright
CHR-EA Elvis Andrus
CHR-FH Felix Hernandez
CHR-FJ Fergie Jenkins
CHR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHR-HP Hunter Pence
CHR-JA John Axford
CHR-JH Josh Hamilton
CHR-JK Jason Kipnis
CHR-JS James Shields
CHR-JSM John Smoltz
CHR-JV Justin Verlander
CHR-JVO Joey Votto
CHR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
CHR-LL Lance Lynn
CHR-MC Matt Cain
CHR-MH Matt Holliday
CHR-MR Mariano Rivera
CHR-MS Max Scherzer
CHR-NC Nelson Cruz
CHR-OC Orlando Cepeda
CHR-PF Prince Fielder
CHR-PK Paul Konerko
CHR-PN Phil Niekro
CHR-PS Pablo Sandoval
CHR-RC Roberto Clemente
CHR-RHA Roy Halladay
CHR-RHO Ryan Howard
CHR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
CHR-SC Starlin Castro
CHR-SM Stan Musial
CHR-SR Scott Rolen
CHR-SS Stephen Strasburg
CHR-TC Ty Cobb
CHR-TL Tim Lincecum
CHR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
CHR-VW Vernon Wells
CHR-WM Willie McCovey
CHR-WMA Willie Mays
CHR-YB Yogi Berra

Chasing History Autograph Cards
Odds: - 1:13 HTA Jumbo Packs - Gold Parallel Autograph 1:2,872 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHA-AC Alex Cobb
CHA-AE Adam Eaton
CHA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
CHA-BH Brock Holt
CHA-CA Chris Archer
CHA-CC Collin Cowgill
CHA-CD Cole De Vries
CHA-DB Dylan Bundy
CHA-DC David Cooper
CHA-DG Didi Gregorius
CHA-DM Don Mattingly
CHA-FL Fred Lynn
CHA-GC Gary Carter
CHA-GS Gary Sheffield
CHA-JB Jay Bruce
CHA-JBA Jose Bautista
CHA-JG Jason Grilli
CHA-JK Jason Kipnis
CHA-JP Jim Palmer
CHA-JPO Johnny Podres
CHA-JPR Jurickson Profar
CHA-JS James Shields
CHA-JW Jered Weaver
CHA-MC Miguel Cabrera
CHA-MM Manny Machado
CHA-MS Mike Schmidt
CHA-MT Mark Trumbo
CHA-MTR Mike Trout
CHA-NM Nick Maronde
CHA-PF Prince Fielder
CHA-PR Paco Rodriguez
CHA-SD Scott Diamond
CHA-SG Steve Garvey
CHA-SM Starling Marte
CHA-SMA Shaun Marcum
CHA-TG Tony Gwynn
CHA-TS Tyler Skaggs
CHA-WB Wade Boggs
CHA-WP Wily Peralta
CHA-WR Wilin Rosario
CHA-ZC Zack Cozart

Chasing History Autograph Relic Cards
Odds 1:1,108 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHAR-AP Andy Pettitte
CHAR-BP Brandon Phillips
CHAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
CHAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
CHAR-DS Darryl Strawberry
CHAR-DW David Wright
CHAR-FJ Fergie Jenkins
CHAR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHAR-HA Hank Aaron
CHAR-JK Jason Kipnis
CHAR-JS John Smoltz
CHAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
CHAR-MH Matt Holliday
CHAR-MS Mike Schmidt
CHAR-MT Mark Trumbo
CHAR-NR Nolan Ryan
CHAR-PF Prince Fielder
CHAR-TG Tony Gwynn
CHAR-YD Yu Darvish
CHAR-ZC Zack Cozart

Chasing History Dual Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/50
Odds 1:1,540 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CHDR-CB Starlin Castro - Ernie Banks
  • CHDR-CC Roberto Clemente - Ty Cobb
  • CHDR-DR Jose Reyes - R.A. Dickey
  • CHDR-JH Rickey Henderson - Reggie Jackson
  • CHDR-KM Justin Morneau - Harmon Killebrew
  • CHDR-MB Ryan Braun - Paul Molitor
  • CHDR-PT Albert Pujols - Mike Trout
  • CHDR-RD Yu Darvish - Nolan Ryan
  • CHDR-RJ Cal Ripken Jr. - Derek Jeter
  • CHDR-RR Alex Rodriguez - Mariano Rivera
  • CHDR-SB George Brett - Mike Schmidt
  • CHDR-SS Gary Sheffield - Giancarlo Stanton
  • CHDR-UU B.J. Upton - Justin Upton
  • CHDR-VP Justin Verlander - David Price
  • CHDR-WS Tom Seaver - David Wright

Chasing History Jumbo Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/20
Odds 1:2,872 HTA Jumbo Packs
CHJR-AJ Adam Jones
CHJR-AM Andrew McCutchen
CHJR-BP Buster Posey
CHJR-CH Cole Hamels
CHJR-DF David Freese
CHJR-DP David Price
CHJR-DW David Wright
CHJR-FH Felix Hernandez
CHJR-GB George Brett
CHJR-GS Gary Sheffield
CHJR-JB Jay Bruce
CHJR-JV Joey Votto
CHJR-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
CHJR-MC Matt Cain
CHJR-MK Matt Kemp
CHJR-PF Prince Fielder
CHJR-RB Ryan Braun
CHJR-RH Rickey Henderson
CHJR-RHA Roy Halladay
CHJR-SS Stephen Strasburg

Making Their Mark Relic Cards
Odds 1:40 HTA Jumbo Packs
MMR-AS Andrelton Simmons
MMR-BH Bryce Harper
MMR-DB Darwin Barney
MMR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
MMR-JK Jason Kipnis
MMR-JPR Jurickson Profar
MMR-LL Lance Lynn
MMR-MO Mike Olt
MMR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
MMR-SC Starlin Castro
MMR-SS Stephen Strasburg
MMR-WR Wilin Rosario
MMR-YC Yoenis Cespedes
MMR-YD Yu Darvish
MMR-ZC Zack Cozart

Making Their Mark Autograph Cards
Odds 1:51 HTA Jumbo Packs
MMA-BR Bruce Rondon
MMA-DB Dylan Bundy
MMA-MM Manny Machado
MMA-MO Mike Olt
MMA-TS Tyler Skaggs
MMA-WM Wade Miley
MMA-WMI Will Middlebrooks
MMA-YC Yoenis Cespedes
MMA-YD Yu Darvish

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Relic Cards
Serial Numbered #/25
Odds 1:4,700 HTA Jumbo Packs
CTCR-AB Albert Belle
CTCR-AK Al Kaline
CTCR-AP Albert Pujols
CTCR-AR Alex Rodriguez
CTCR-BP Buster Posey
CTCR-JW Jered Weaver
CTCR-MH Matt Holliday
CTCR-PF Prince Fielder
CTCR-RD R.A. Dickey
CTCR-RH Rickey Henderson

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Autograph Cards
Serial Numbered #/10
Odds 1:23,000 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CTCA-DS Duke Snider
  • CTCA-JW Jered Weaver
  • CTCA-MC Miguel Cabrera
  • CTCA-MT Mike Trout
  • CTCA-RK Ralph Kiner

Cut to the Chase Die Cut Autograph Relic Cards
Odds 1:17,375 HTA Jumbo Packs
  • CTCAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
  • CTCAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
  • CTCAR-AB Albert Belle
  • CTCAR-RH Rickey Henderson
  • CTCAR-MT Mike Trout

And MORE in Hobby boxes i won't list cause we have some retail here!!! 

So i'm ripping it now and scan some of the bases, parallels , inserts and
of course the HITs later! 


... later: 


Let's get it on ...

Some base cards from Series 2 

Base Card of 2013 All Star Michael Cuddyer

Leonys Martin and the great Matt Harvey
(was Harvey's rookie card in 2012 oO ? Or was it in one of those crappy
opening day/Updates&Highlights products?)

Wal Mart Blue Parallel

J.J. Hardy - WalMart Blue Parallel


A really cool insert , new in series 2 ...

Salvador Perez - Making their Mark
(looks like the Museum Collection product 
by Topps. Very nice)

Mike Schmidt - Chasing History
.. as we know them from series 1 !

Jason Kipnis - Chasing History (Refractor Finish)
... yuuuup you might not see it on the scan but they made
a refractor like version of the CH cards in series 2. Very cool ... 

Stan Musial - Chasing History (Refractor Finish)

Stephen Strasburg (Die Cut) - Cut to the Chase


The 2 Hits

Chad Billingsley - Chasing History - Jersey Relic
( What jersey is this? Alternate ? )

And a damn nice hit ....

Fergie Jenkins - Chasing History - Bat Relic

That's all for now...

I just got a lot of 2000 Skybox Baseball base cards.
Stay tuned for this and thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Packs: 90s Upper Deck

90s Junk Wax

What's up people ? 
I recently ordered some 80 wax and rack packs.
The seller gave me some 90s packs as a gift.

3 packs ...

1991 Upper Deck Baseball - High Series - Jumbo Pack

1994 Upper Deck Series 1 Baseball

1996 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball

So, i won't list all cards , especially not from the first pack.
I think the 1991 UD is the worst product in sports card history.


"Highlights" of the first pack ...

1991 Upper Deck - High Series

27 Cards including one Silver Slugger Card
(No Chipper, Thomas or Ripken)

2 holographic stickers - Phillies , Reds
#744 Bo Jackson
#196 Keith Miller 
#SS11 Lance Parrish - Silver Slugger
Baseball Heroes - Hank Aaron #22

Bo Jackson and Keith Miller

Phillies Holo Sticker !! WOOOW

Lance Parrish - Silver Slugger Set

and finally ...

Hank Aaron - Baseball Heroes #22
 (goes for 7$ .. best card in the pack)


Second Pack

1994 Upper Deck Series 1 (Central Region ?!)
Series 1 : Card 1-280


2 Star Rookie cards: Brian Hunter and Alex Gonzalez (the wrong one)
1 Electric Diamond Parallel - Dave Fleming
Diamond Collection Insert . Kirby Puckett C4

Base Card Design - Tommy Greene

Dave Fleming - Electric Diamond Parallel

Kirby Puckett - Diamond Collection C4

(Blue Jays) Alex Gonzalez - Star Rookie Insert


Last Pack

1996 Upper Deck - Collectors Choice - Series 2 Baseball
10 + 2 Cards per pack
Series 2: Cards 396 - 760

The best pack at last! Cause for a 90's product it has a very nice
design. The insert list is great.
But not for me ^^ .... nothing cool in my pack!


Joe Randa - Minor League Stars
#532 Herbert Perry - Silver Signature Parallel
#540 Larry Walker - (No Border Parallel ? ^^)
#495 Ryne Sandberg - (Also nor Borders)
2 Cards: 1996 Rookie Class - Richard Hidalgo , Shannon Stewart

Base Card Design - Todd van Poppel (lol)

Herbert Perry - Silver Signature Parallel

Shannon Stewart - Rookie Class (Silver Sig) and Larry Walker base without borders 
(could be a parallel card, don't know it)

Favorite card on the pack ....

Ryne Sandberg

That's all for now ... 

Stay tuned for some 80's wax AND some 
2013 Topps series 2 Hot Packs from eBay! 

Thanks for reading!!