Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Packs - 2013 Topps Series 1

What's up fellas, short update here 

2013 Topps Series 1

I just decided to complete the Topps series this year
(1&2) The fact , that i buy single packs gives me a lot of dupes
so let me know if you need something.


I've got an insert and some parallels

Reggie Jackson - Chasing History CH-20

Anthony Rizzo (All Star Rookie) Emerald Foil Parallel

Josh Beckett and Kendrys Morales Emerald Foil Parallel

3 Golden Parallels # to 2013

Brad Ziegler - Gold Parallel

Avisail Garcia RC - Gold Parallel

.... and one ALDS Game 5 card of the Detroit Tigers but i
won't post a card with Miguel Cabrera on it.
Most hated goof in baseball 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned
for more 2013 Topps and
a hobby box of 2010 Tristar OBAK Baseball

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Group Break - 2013 Topps Series 1 - Angels & Nationals

Hi folks, i bought 2 spots in a Box Break of

2013 Topps Series One Baseball

We've got the Angels and Nationals

If you want to watch the whole Break, 
just do it here!

It's the same breaker as last year.
Maybe you remember the A&G break with the Brewers and
Mets ... without ANY Met ^^ 


Let's start with the break now ...
So there was no hit for the Nats or the Angels but i think it was ok!

Base Cards: (23 Total)

1 - Bryce Harper (All Star Rookie)
24 - Dan Haren
36 - Jered Weaver
40 - Chien-Ming Wang
80 - Ryan Zimmerman
94 - League Leaders ERA
97 - Danny Espinosa
108 - Kendrys Morales
120 - Ian Desmond
136 - Tyler Clippard
138 - Michael Morse
170 - Eury Perez RC
187 - Nick Maronde RC
200 - Scott Downs
203 - Wilson Ramos
208 - Kurt Suzuki
210 - Vernon Wells
245 - Jason Isringhausen
254 - Sean Burnett
266 - Albert Pujols (Checklist)
278 - Christian Garcia RC
313 - Maicer Izturis
328 - Jayson Werth

Bryce Harper - All Star Rookie

 Bryce Harper - All Star Rookie (Back)

Nationals Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman

Angels Vernon Wells and Papa Pujols (Checklist)


187 - Nick Maronde RC  -Emerald Foil-
203 - Wilson Ramos  -Emerald Foil-

Wilson Ramos & Nick Maronde RC - Emerald Foil Parallel


TM-2 Dan Haren - 1972 Topps Mini

CC-15 Albert Pujols "Point to the Sky" - Calling Card

CD-1 Bryce Harper - Chasing the dream

Dan Haren - 1972 Topps Mini

Albert Pujols - Calling Card "Point to the Sky"
Bryce Harper - Chasing the dream

I'm really satisfied with what I got .. no numbered card or Hit but it's OK! 

Stay tuned for more and more 2013 Topps Series One! 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 - My season starts now!

Welcome back baseball card collectors !!! 

So , i'll start my BBcard season one month late with my "must have" 

2013 Topps Series 1 

What happened in the off-time for european card collectors? 
USPS raised their rates to europe (and canada), 
that means i have to pay at least 1,50$ per pack shipping.
Most of the single pack sellers on ebay take 2 or more $ for one pack.

In case of Topps Series one , a pack cost me 4 bucks ^^ 

It's really hard to continue with the hobby with conditions like this.

Anyways ... For my first look i ordered 4 packs of the hobby edition.


2013 Topps Series One

The design is really cool i think.
You see color differences for any team, that makes them more individual then 
the 2012 edition.

Let's start with the great Buster Posey ... 

Buster Posey - Base Card 128

Buster Posey - Base Card 128 (Back)

The career chase section is a little pathetic ^^
Take a look at it , it's woth it!

Some more base cards for you to get a closer look at the design

Cliff Lee and Joe Mauer - Base Cards

David DeJesus - Base Card (no Variation)

This years variation set is called " Out of Bounds " 

My first thought of this funny card was  VARIATION !! But nope it's just the base card
Basebalcardpedia says: 

The Out of Bounds variations all revolve around a theme: players making catches while up against a wall. The back of these variations contains the numerical code that ends in 3022, while the codes for non-variation base cards end in 2820.

but anyway it's a cool card ... 

In my 4 first packs i was really lucky as a Mets fan ...
I received 1 Paralell and 1 Insert:

R.A. Dickey - Emerald Foil Paralell

.... and

R.A. Dickey - 1972 Mini (Insert)

R.A. Dickey - 1972 Mini (Insert) back

I'm really sad they traded him but the Mets management is another chapter -.-


Even there was no "hit" i'm really satisfied with it ... I like the product so i'll buy some more
maybe some retail hot packs from ebay.

Stay tuned for a Box Break!! I bought the Angels and Nationals spots ...

thanks for reading!