Monday, May 5, 2014

15 new Ichiro cards

Ichiro PC additions

A few weeks ago i won in a little
"Trivia Contest" held by a nice Sports Cards Shop
located in germany.

Check out the store if you looking for something

Let's start ..  a lot of work to do!

2007 Topps Walt Mart Ichiro - WM-15 (1$eBay)
(never heard of this series oO)
2007 UD MLB Artifacts - Ichiro (1$COMC)

2004 Bowman Heritage - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2002 UD Vintage - Ichiro (1.50BV)

2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars - Ichiro (300) 01 GLV (1.50$BV)

2010 Topps 206 - Ichiro (1$BV) (sorry bad scan) 

2010 Topps Chrome Ichiro (2$BV)

2007 SP Rookie Edition - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2005 UD Trilogy - Ichiro (4$BV)   
and   2002 UD Ballpark Idols - Ichiro (1.50$BV)

2003 Bazooka - Comics - Ichiro (4$BV)

2006 UD sweet Spot - Ichiro (1.50$eBay)
and    2008 UD Timeline Baseball - Ichiro (2.50$BV)

2008 SP Authentic - Ichiro (1.50$BV)
and    2010 Topps Update Series - Ichiro - US-130 (1.25$BV)


Boy this took some time :D 
I think next time i only post an update on special Ichiro cards or designs who 
deserve a post. But i'll post an update on Facebook and you can see
them in my Ichiro section.

Thanks for reading!  

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